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Directors: Various | 150-mins. | Recommended for ages: 14+

These are the SHORT FILM winners from this year’s EIFF line-up.  Thank-you to our amazing jurors who travelled from New York, Los Angeles & Toronto and spent several days watching the 100+ shorts in the festival program.  The final two (2) films in this short film programme are awarded the GRAND JURY PRIZE for LIVE ACTION – WHERE THERE’S SMOKE – and the GRAND JURY PRIZE FOR ANIMATION – SKIN FOR SKIN.  Both of these films are now eligible for OSCAR Consideration.


MY IRNIK | Directors: Matthew Hood & François Lebeau | 15-mins. | Canada | Winner! 2017 BIG DADDY AWARD for Best Family Short Film | “A cultural and familial journey through the heart of Arctic life.  Blazes with love.” | “A moving love letter from a father to his son, punctuated with amazing visuals and excellent cinematography.” | “A beautifully shot, paternal love letter on following your passions, no matter where it take syou in life.”

SOMEONE (Irgendwer) | Director: Marco Gadge | 14-mins. | Germany | Winner! 2017 JURY DISTINCTION AWARD | “A thoughtful, provocative, challenge to our ideas of justice.” | “A moving, well-produced, well-actied piece.  The elderly woman’s look straight into camera is a stroke of genius.” | “A true story which teaches that forgiveness is the only antidote to injustice.”

HE WHO DANCES ON WOOD | Director: Jessica Beshir | 6-mins. | USA | WINNER! 2017 JURY AWARD for Best International Documentary Short | “An uplifting story of a senior praising life through rhythm with nature.” | “One word kept occurring to me as I watched this gem — TRUTH.” | “A well executed reminder that our love is religion and our passions our church.”

THE UNDERTAKER’S SON | Directors: The Affolter Brothers | 14-mins. | Canada | WINNER! 2017 SHORT FILM AWARD for Best Canadian Drama | “A visual feast combined with a flair for dialogue and succinct direction.  The Affolter Brothers are a Canadian force to watch!”

THE LAST RIDE | Director: Rick Skene | 15-mins. | Canada | WINNER! 2017 JURY AWARD for Best Canadian Documentary Short | “A testament to the healing power of music and the experiences shared that allow for reconciliation.” | “A compelling story of pain and struggle and hope that ultimately needed to be told.” | “A tribute to the talent and hardships of an indigenous artist in the modern world.”

OIL MEN | Director: Samuel Larson | 7-mins. | Canada | WINNER! 2017 JURY AWARD for Best Alberta Short (Drama) | “Deeply felt and richly conveyed, examines the consequences of the choices made for family.” | “Back light is always your friend.” | “Masterful film making shines a light on the existential quandary of a mother in the oil industry.”

GRIDLOCK | Director: Ian Hunt Duffy | 19-mins. | Ireland | WINNER! 2017 JURY DISTINCTION AWARD | “Suspenseful with a sprinkle of paranoia, this film circles back when least expected.” | “Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.” | “LORD OF THE FLIES in a traffic jam!”

SERVING JOY | Director: Martin Sharpe | 14-mins. | Australia | WINNER! 2017 WEDGIE AWARD for Best Comedy Short | “Subversive and Pinteresque, this is a seriously funny look at civility and its discontents.” | “The twisted Aussie sense of humor rides (and rules) again!  Fresh and laugh out loud funny.” | “This calculated comedy takes on the hypocrisy of the bourgeoisie and strikes with precision.”

WHEN PIGS FLY | Director: Andrew Wood | 16-mins. | USA | WINNER! The Allen (Cooke) Award for Best LUNCHBOX SHORT | “Everything about this film is perfect; the actors, the animation, the story, the emotions.  Wood really found a way to connect to everyone in this film and take them on an emotional roller coaster.  And for that, it deserves this Award!”

LATE SEASON | Dir: Daniela Leitner | 7-mins. | Austria/France/Portugal | WINNER! The Brian (Hendricks) Award for INNOVATION | “Deft and funny animated look at married life and what can be rekindled — with a little help from friends.” | “Uses a unique style of character design that is absolutely compelling along with a story that is equally so.” | “A master class in animated comedy.”

TO BE FREE | Director: Adepero Oduye | 12-mins. | USA | WINNER! 2017 JURY DISTINCTION AWARD | “Highly evocative and sensual.  So simple, yet exhilarating.” | “A hyper stylized time capsule”.

SKIN FOR SKIN | Directors: Kevin D.A. Kurytnik/Carol Beecher | 15-mins. | Canada | GRAND JURY AWARD for Best Short Film (Animation) | “Kick-ass revenge myth that re-imagines the Canadian fur trade.  Trippy and unforgettable.” | “A breathtaking journey of imagination and style with spellbinding visual transitions.  A true tour de force of the animation art form.” | “I’ve never seen a more courageous, unapologetic juxtaposition of man’s greed and the sacredness of the universe.  All art struggles to point where SKIN FOR SKIN stares.”

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE | Director: Evan Ari Kelman | 11-mins. | USA | GRAND JURY AWARD for Best Short Film (Live Action) | “Conveys emotional turmoil with sublime subtlety.  A taut portrait of resilience.” | “First-rate acting, direction, editing, sound design and camera work make WHERE THERE’S SMOKE a winner.  A fine and fitting tribute to the fire fighters that it honors.” | “A vicarious immersion into the torment of PTSD and the everyday social structures that shackle one from healing.”


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