The Edmonton International Film Festival Society (EIFFS) is a non-profit, charitable organization which is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, selected by a community-based steering committee.

We welcome donations of any size – it’s your donations that help us continue to bring you the finest in international and independent films from around the globe! Your charitable donation helps with our operating costs — theatre rent, fees for film rent (yep, we have to pay for the movies), travel and accommodation for visiting filmmakers, printing charges and the overall cost of doin’ business.

Or, instead of coming up with a big chunk of change right now, why not consider a MONTHLY donation? Monthly donations will be automatically billed to your credit card, making your donations easier than ever! All you have to do is subscribe to one of our Monthly Donation Options (below), and we’ll do the rest!

Payment Amounts

The Edmonton International Film Festival Society was registered in the province of Alberta on September 8, 1999 under the Societies Act of Alberta (Charity number 87156-9984-RT0001).