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The VIP PASS – Only $149 
With the VIP PASS you have access to all nine (9) days and nights of inspiration, including the OPENING and CLOSING Night Galas (film + after-party), LUNCHBOX SHORTS, and discounts  at downtown restaurants.  Available for purchase: COMING SOON!

THE SIXER (6-Pack) PASS – Only $75 
Six (6) vouchers to all REGULAR ($15) films at the festival. This is SIX admits for the price of FIVE. The perfect EIFF sampler!  2 people x 3 movies = 6 admits.  6 people x 1 movie = 6 admits.  Whatever pops your corn. The SIXER PASS is also valid for LUNCHBOX SHORTS, but does not include Opening and Closing Night GALA films (Sept. 27 & Oct. 6).  Available for purchase: COMING SOON!

GALA TICKETS – Only $35 each 
Throughout the festival, we program a number of GALA events.  This is where you get to hob nob with the visiting actor/director/writer/producer and enjoy complimentary nibbles and conversation.  We are currently working on securing locations for GALA events.  Available for purchase: COMING SOON!