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thu26sep6:30 pm11:00 pmJAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF: Opening Night Gala!6:30 pm - 11:00 pm

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Director/Writer: Jeremy LaLonde | 94-mins. | Canada | 2019 | Comedy | TRAILER
Thursday, September 26 | Tix: $30 | BUY NOW! 
Opening Night Gala!
FILM at 6:30pm @ Landmark Cinemas
AFTER-PARTY from 8:30-11pm @ Revel Bistro & Bar

Meet the Filmmakers… Jeremy LaLonde & Jonas Chernick  in attendance for a brief discussion in-theatre immediately following this screening of JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF.

Edmonton Premiere!  James (Jonas Chernick) is an uptight time-travelling obsessed young scientist, with a lifelong secret crush on his best friend Courtney, and a younger sister, Meredith, who is stuck looking after him since their parents died. James’s tunnel vision determination to become the world’s first time traveller has taken over every aspect of his life, and the only two people who care about him at all – Courtney and Meredith – are almost ready to give up on him. When James is visited by Jimmy, his nihilistic future self, he’s told that he needs to give up his dream of becoming the world’s first time traveller, or else suffer the unimaginably lonely consequences. But when he won’t go along with the plan, it becomes a wicked battle of man versus himself – literally.

Starring Daniel Stern (City Slickers, Home Alone), Jonas Chernick (My Awkward Sexual Adventure) & Cleopatra Coleman (The Last Man On Earth, Step Up 4). Directed by Jeremy LaLonde (The Go-Getters) produced by Jonathan Bronfman (The Witch, Patti Cake$, Race), Jordan Walker (The Go-Getters) and Jonas Chernick.

The ticket price for OPENING NIGHT GALA includes tonight’s film, JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF + After-Party at the fabulous REVEL Bistro & Bar and CKUA building.  Complimentary nibbles + CASH bar.  NO tickets available for only the Film and/or only the After-Party.

Age appropriate for: 14+ (Coarse language)
Language: English
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Director’s Statement.
Who among us doesn’t wish that some future version of ourselves could stop by and give us some tips on what’s to come. Are we in our dream job, or changed careers completely? Do the relationships we’re in work out, or are we back to the dating pool? Are we richer, healthier, or even in the very least finally… happy? I’ve always been attracted to films that are grounded in reality but have a slight surreal comic edge – films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ruby Sparks, Groundhog Day, and Safety Not Guaranteed. Films that explore big universal questions and ideas in a fun and engaging way. JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF is a kind of homage to all of that alongside, and flirting with, my own childhood obsession of Back to the Future. This film strives to capture that same essence, along with the fresh, edgy and irreverent humour that’s been a touchstone to all of my work. As such, I see this movie as a continuation and elevation of the kinds of films I’ve been making (How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, Sex After Kids, and most recently The Go-Getters), the kinds of films that I love.

Something that excited me about our film is that it’s a time travel movie that takes place entirely in the present. Which is thematically crucial as this is a story about the world of “Generation Me”, a world where people are in a rush to get to the next ‘thing’, not satisfied with where they currently are, what they’re doing, what they have, or who they’re with. Our hero James fits squarely into that as a man who is obsessed with the past and the future with almost no relationship to the present. Our story challenges those beliefs as he literally embarks on a battle against himself: a broken and destroyed future him that comes to tell James that he needs to be present and focus on the here and now, the people who care about him, or he’ll end up the broken shell of a man which stands before him.

The central relationship in the film is that of James Dolinsky and himself. But we’re not talking about some artsy-fartsy internal struggle – he’s literally against Jimmy: a future fucked-up version of himself. And while James is the poster-child for responsibility and pragmatic thinking, Jimmy is on a suicide mission to alter James’s life and keep his own from ever happening. One of the challenges and delights of the film is having two actors play the polar opposites of the same person. Grounding them into an essential truth about the character and then stretching that to its limits. Where James (Jonas Chernick) is clean-cut with tucked in shirts, Jimmy (Daniel Stern) is a new-age mess of a man who lives like there’s no tomorrow (because he’s hoping that there won’t be one!). They play off of each other with an effortless banter – like watching some of the great comedy duos of our time.

JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF may be my most personal film. It resonates for me as someone who has to constantly remind himself to not be a workaholic and devote every waking moment to filmmaking, to enjoy other things, to take time out with my family. I think that it’s a very timely and universal message and an aspect that people will see in themselves and be able to relate to.

We’re all at constant battle with ourselves; we’re worried about the future and what happens to us. Jimmy comes to James because he wants his younger counterpart to open his eyes and see the true beauty of the world he’s in right now. But change cannot be forced. It must come from within – and James has to go on his own journey to get there. It’s the coming-of-age story of a man who is surrounded by people who try and force him to be something he isn’t – and it’s the story of finding out what he is, and deciding who he wants to become – all with a kick-ass sense of humour.






(Thursday) 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Landmark Cinemas 9 City Centre

10200 102 Ave NW , Edmonton, AB, T5J 4B7

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