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Posted Date: Friday, July 26, 2013

Every year, the Edmonton International Film Festival is growing.  It’s changing, always with the goal of becoming the best festival a viewer could ask for.  This year, EIFF is looking to get more connected with this city than ever before.  With over 150 films in the lineup to be screened at the festival this September 26th - October 5th, a number of special guests planning to attend, and some galas and parties that will knock your rock socks off, EIFF 2013 is shaping up to be the best fest yet.  Just in time for it’s 27th birthday too.  If 30 is the new 20 as far as adulthood goes, then this perky little festival is just about to enter its senior year, ready to own the pants off of highschool, get the lead in the musical, flaunt its stuff on a daily basis, and break all the boys’ hearts.  And so, four local film lovers have come together to manage EIFF’s newest, shiniest (in a new flesh kind of way) limb: social media!  Dun dun dun... dun dun... it’s going to be awesome!

These persons of interest love all things film and all things Edmonton.  They’re also a diversely talented group, interested in writing, peektures, and, you guessed it, socializing!
Without further ado, here are the personalities behind your social media team:
Yoni attended the film fest for the first time six years ago and has been an avid attendee ever since.  When it comes to cultural festivals in this city, it only makes sense that Edmonton should have a fantastic event to showcase both Canadian and international pieces.  While his favourite movie is Rashomon, he is still a sucker for a good, or sometimes even bad, horror flick.
Sam’s passion has always been stories.  Told in pictures, words, film, or mouth sounds.  She also likes to dance in oversized denim jackets and filthy white Chucks.  And she loves to bike home after a great big night and feel the freedom of the city we all live in, especially in the summer.  And she likes mashed potatoes.  And sweet peas.  Are you a sweet pea?  She wants to know.  Film is about magic for Sam, and she believes there can be a special connection built between you and the place that you first witness that moment of magic.  When she was little, Sam saw Beauty and the Beast when it was in theatres.  After the movie let out, she walked backwards, all the way home.  When Sam’s mom questioned her daughter’s behaviour, the little girl looked up at her mom with dark, dreamy eyes and she said “It’s all back there, and if I turn around, it will disappear.”  Obviously.  Sam wants to help create this connection for Edmontonians and the films they see at EIFF.  She wants to help build this festival into a place where magic moments happen everyday and big nights are everynight and people meet and fall in love and live happily ever after.  Or at least learn each others’ names.  (Incidentally Sam’s favourite film is Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et La Bete, which she actually saw prior to the Disney version’s release.)  Oh yeah, she would like to add: Edmonton ROCKS!
Claire loves to be told a story. She frequently finds herself in the grip of a good book, an intriguing film, or drawn to a worthy orator. She regularly has an urge to dissect things in order to understand how they work, but knows it’s more important to sit back and enjoy them first. Having spent lots of time traveling Claire has an appreciation for culture and traditions. She is excited for the opportunity that the EIFF is giving to showcase the city, people and traditions of her hometown of Edmonton. Her favourite films will have Audrey Hepburn in them or have her laughing until she can't breath. 
From brooding dramas to neurotic comedies, Olivia definitely gets her love for film from the seat of a popcorn-fumed, soft drink galore, candy happy, theatre. When she’s not busy checking out another Coppola film, she loves to bike, draw and listen to mid-summer thunderstorms. Watching a film is always about the experience, she says. A journey that takes you from something irreverently nonsensical all the way to virtual bewilderment. Fav films include Run Lola Run and Exit through the Gift Shop.
Being social, out and about so-to-speak, is a two way street.  Now you know who we are we want you to tell us about yourselves.  Really!  We want to hear from you!  Your passions, what attracts you to EIFF, your favourite movies, and any other tidbit you want to share.  Follow and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Give us your feedback and say what you have to say about EIFF and the film scene in Edmonton.  Stay connected with the #EIFF13 and #yegfilm hashtags.  Or, consider writing a post for our blog!  This blog!  If you would like to guest write a special blog post on a topic like your first experience at EIFF, or why Edmonton needs a great film festival, or anything else Edmonton or film related that piques your interest or that you like to talk about, then email us at socialmedia@edmontonfilmfest.com.

Stay plugged into our four different channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and THE Blog) to stay up to date on what’s in store for this years’ EIFF, to get all the juicy insider info, and all the important details on great contests.
A good place to meet us and other movie goers like yourselves is at the upcoming Latitude 53 patio party.  On August 8th come on down to their new space at 10242 106th st and chat with us in person.  Tell us your experiences of EIFF and your hopes for the future of the festival.  Party starts at 5 p.m and, rain or shine, it will be a good time to get out of the house and connect with great company over some great sips and groovy entertainment.  We will share more info about the party of the summer over our social media channels over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned.  
We (i.e. Claire, Olivia, Sam, and Yoni), are happy to have met you and happy to be a part of the best film fest in the west.  With more ways for you to connect with us than ever, we’re super happy that you’re a part of all of this too.  We need your help, your support, and most of all, your participation, whatever form that comes in, we thank you!    
Let’s get excited for #EIFF13!  Coming to a theatre near you, September 26th - October 5th.  
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