First Edmonton Film Fest experience prompts talk on love

“Love is not a straight line,” says Calgary’s Tara Dafoe.

Her words justly describe the way several emerging Canadian filmmakers looked at love in this year’s Edmonton International Film Festival. “Our Own Backlot: A Salute to Alberta Filmmakers” included short films with Alberta connections.

As a first-time film festivalgoer who also recently...Read More »

The Kissinger Twins

Its very rare that here in Edmonton we get to see cinema presented to us in the form of a music video. Or mixtape. Or a video game. Or a classic sci-fi story. The Kissinger Twins have managed to pulled together a collection of digital storytelling that extends...Read More »

Man! It's great to be Canadian!

The documentary feature, Gone South, (also made by two home-grown Edmontonians) about Canadians living and shaping the Hollywood landscape exposes the cultural and territorial clashes between us and our Southern neighbours.

I got a chance to catch up with Director Leslie Bland and the Ms. Thomas right after the show…....Read More »

Best Part of the Festival? According to Jen, it is!

Today I went to my first ever Subway Lunchbox Shorts. I’ve attended evening shows at the EIFF for the last 4 years but have never taken the time to head down over the lunch to see the shorts.

But today I finally went.

Is it worth the time out of the work...Read More »

Film and art – catalysts for conversations

By Christa Jubinville

Canadian writer/director Darwin Serink was inspired to create the short film, Aban + Khorshid based on a 2005 image of two Iranian teenagers, Mahmoud Asgari, 16, and Ayaz Marhoni, 18, who were publicly hanged in Iran, on July 19, 2005.

Serink wanted to explore what the two...Read More »

24/One - Why you should check it out

On a sunny morning last Saturday, a large group stood at the corner of the 104 street farmer’s market to hear EIFF Production Coordinator, Sydney Moule announce the prop-genre-line guidelines for filmmakers willing to forsake sleep and complete a film in just 24 hours – definitely not for the faint...Read More »

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