Donate swag, product, gear, expertise and/or (ahem, our favourite) CASH! Deadline to ink your sponsorship agreement is JULY 30th.

Why SPONSOR? Because when you’re an OSCAR Qualifying Film Festival — yep, that’s EIFF — filmmakers and audiences expect ALOT! And the most brilliant way to achieve, nay, surpass those expectations is to partner and collaborate with the powerhouse of talent surrounding us in YEG, in Alberta, and across the country.

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We’re here to POP YOUR CORN! Help us pop ours. Thank-you for your awesomeness!

20,000 wallet-packin’, movie-lovin’ urbanites are drawn to movie theatres, restaurants, nightclubs and retail outlets during the annual Edmonton International Film Festival! Besides bringing you good karma, sponsorship of EIFF shows that your organization does more than talk the talk. You support arts, culture, festivals and are committed to attracting business to our City.

We’re always open to creative partnerships that demonstrate your support for EIFF and drive eyeballs to your brand and business. Here’s few ideas we noodle with year after year…

100 filmmakers from all over the world will hit our city for the festival. They’ll introduce their film, participate in an audience Q&A following their screening, attend the parties, and promote their film. They will also go back to their hometown and chat up our festival to other filmmakers – making them international ambassadors. Your organization can sponsor by donating 100 items, which our team will stuff the filmmaker bags with.

Take your VIP clients out for an exclusive dinner with a visiting filmmaker.
Sponsorship includes cost of dinner, tickets to that evening’s movie and title sponsorship for that film in the festival program guide: THE BIG LEBOWSKI… brought to you in part by Joe’s Gym

Be a friend to a filmmaker by helping out with the costs to get them here and their hotel stay.
Your sponsorship includes all-access festival passes, an introduction to your ‘adopted’ filmmaker, and mention in the festival program guide: Director John Huffton is in attendance, thanks to the generous support of the Travel Agency.

You provide the location, entertainment, food and beverages for approx. 200 festival-goers.
Sponsorship includes complimentary tickets to a film of your choice and official party location mention in the festival program guide: Burlesque Night at Shenanigans… Official Party Location

Filmmakers face the daunting task of choosing which of the 2,000+ worldwide film festivals to submit their films to. Cash is a surefire lure and adds prestige to our festival. Sponsor a cash prize to be awarded to a film by our jury. Sponsorship includes all-access festival passes, a speaking opportunity when presenting your Award at the Awards Event, and the winning filmmaker receives a trophy engraved with the name of your organization: The Journalist Club Award for Best Documentary..

Who do you want to see at the festival? Directors and Actors often require an appearance fee to attend.
These fees range from $5,000 to $50,000.
Past celebrities to the fest include John Waters (Hairspray, Cry-Baby), Norman Jewison (Moonstruck, The Thomas Crown Affair), Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld) and Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Nosferatu the Vampyre).

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