JUST $65 gets you into one of Edmonton’s most ridiculous movie-making marathons.  In its’ 10th year, 24/ONE is the ultimate love-it-or-hate-it-but-I-got-me-a-coupla-t-shirts event that challenges you to commit to that often talked about conversation you’ve had SO many times with your pals, and that is — WE SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE!  This is the year to change SHOULD into WILL.  And at the end of the day (’cause it really is just one day — 24 hours), your short, 7-minute (or less), family-friendly movie could make it into the TOP 10 24/ONE WORLD PREMIERE screening & Awards ceremony in a REAL MOVIE THEATRE, as part of the Edmonton International Film Festival.  But wait.  It gets better.  Top 10 films are all in competition for craft awards and the prestigious People’s Choice prize of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!   *TEAMS MUST INCLUDE ONE (1) PERSON 18-YEARS-OF AGE AT KICK-OFF, SEPTEMBER 20.


Step 1: Acceptance of Official Rules and Regulations

Download the Official Rules & Regulations.  Read these carefully and make sure you understand how it all works.  At the bottom, choose ‘Click to Authorize’ and you’ll automatically move to Step 2.  NEW!  SOCAN is permitting use of pre-recorded music (ie. Counting Crows, Katy Perry, Gogol Bordello, etc.) in 24/One films — but only for exhibition at EIFF.  If you post your film online (after October 5), or submit it to another festival, you’ll have to change that music or prove that you have acquired the artist’s permission.

Step 2: Online Registration

Fill out the registration form. A representative of EIFF will confirm your registration by e-mail within 5 days of your online registration.

Step 3: $65 Team Payment

PayPal accepts all major credit cards (you do NOT require a PayPal account to process payment through their service) OR, we accept CASH and will consider wildly creative barter opportunities.



KICK-OFF | Location is the City Market Downtown (104 Street & 102 Avenue).

SATURDAY, Sept. 20 @ 11am: Announcement of SURPRISE elements & KICK-OFF!

DROP-OFF | Location is Landmark Cinemas 9 City Centre (3rd floor, 10200 – 102 Avenue)

SUNDAY, Sept. 21 @ 11am: Drop-off completed 7-min. (or shorter) DVD

DATE TBD (it’ll be somewhere between Sept. 26 & Oct. 4) @ TIME also TBD | Location is Landmark Cinemas 9 City Centre

The World Premiere Screening of the Top 10 24/One Films!


October 1 – 10, 2015

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